ACC Sunday Social (Linlithgow Alps)

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Good turnout for Sunday’s social ride. As per usual route was sorted out beforehand on the clubs whatsapp page we all decided to head out to the Alps via Linlithgow, the route took us out through Caldercruix and up to Limerigg going at a nice steady pace, everyone chatting away about what they had been up to this week, rounding the corner at the end of the Snipe Road you could see everyone’s faces dropping as we could see the road ahead, falkirk Council in there infinite wisdom had decided to stone chip the entire section of road from Limerigg to Avonbridge.

So we all let out a string of expletives and headed down to Avonbridge slowly and cautiously whilst Everyone of us wincing and looking down our bike tubes every time a stone chip hit and pinged off our frames and wheels thankfully we all managed including our bikes to get out of Avonbridge in one piece. the climb out Avonbridge was our first one It’s not a long climb just under a mile long and has an average of 3% gradient so down into the small ring we go to get ready for the climb, the  start of the climb was at a steady pace and quite rightly as I guess everyone was saving themselves for the big climb at Linlithgow, apart from a certain person who will remain nameless (ME) thought it  would be a good idea to attack said hill, whilst thinking I was Chris Froome I set off flying up the hill until I realised Andy Dunbar come up beside me and went straight through so effortless I looked down at Andy’s gearing and noticed he was still on the big ring but this was only half way up the climb so I’m thinking I’ll catch him no worries needless to say that was the last time I seen Andy I guess I was  put  firmly in my place.

Once we regrouped at Linlithgow we rode together up to Preston Road to the start of the Beegraigs Climb, the climb is 3.5 miles long with an average 3% gradient but reaches 14% around halfway, yet again the guys who just like to take the climbs at their own pace got into their groove and headed up the climb, but again a certain person attacked the climb like a man possessed (yes that’s right me), It took Andy Dunbar about 300yrds this time to overtake me followed by Alex Graham, oh well it was good while it lasted I guess, the next place we regrouped was at the top of Cairnpapple Climb, This gave us a chance to refuel and catch our breath as the last part of the climb called the (Knock) this is quite a brutal climb at around 15%.

Finally everyone made up to Cairnpapple Climb some of us a little worse than others shall we say, so by now it was time to head back to Airdrie, the route back took us through Bathgate and out to Armadale, we took a collective view that after the hard climb up the beecraigs, that we would keep the pace steady and that we would stay together as group with myself and Alex up front taking all the wind, everyone cycling happily shooting the breeze at a nice pace when a Lone cyclist came flying along the road and straight through the group we were by this time just passed through Armadale.

Well I was happy to let this lone cyclist go but being egged on with shouts of he is taking the micky out you Ross by Gary Laird, I felt I had to do something, just as I was getting out the saddle to chase this lone cyclist down Andy had the same idea and was off like a shot followed closely by myself and Alex, It didn’t take long to catch and overtake this guy (intruder if you like), Andy and myself went  flying passed him  just as we reached the outskirts of Armadale, obviously this cyclist was up for the race as he went passed the both of us at a very good speed, well this was like a red rag to a bull to Andy and he jumped straight onto his wheel like a shot, unfortunately my lungs gave out just before we hit  Blackridge and I was well and truly dropped. Andy stayed on this infiltrators wheel until he turned off at Blackridge and headed up to Harthill I guess the challenge from Andy was to much for him but a good effort never the less.

waiting on who????

Alex and myself finally caught up to Andy just after Blackridge and rode back to Airdrie at a nice breathable pace. So all in all nice wee Sunday ride was had by all. And we even managed to get back before the rain came so it was a result all-round.


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 Alex Graham , Andy Dunbar , Alan (Chucker) Turner , Davie Brown , Gary Laird, Scott Mchutchson , Mark Duncan and Ross Glass





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