ACC Social Ride

Alex Graham, Aeron Thomson, Scott Williamson, Alan Turner and wife Izzy.


What with holiday’s, hangovers and high winds I was expecting a solo Sunday ACC ride however was joined by Aeron, Scott, Alan and his wife Izzy, we set off east bound chatting away, when after a few miles Alan chased us away, he was obviously wanting to spend some quality time with Izzy, so the three amigos upped the pace a bit leaving Alan and Izzy to do the the Longriggend APR route. The boys turned South at Blackridge heading over the Falla hill and Breich brae they were both pretty tough into a strong headwind.

Aeron was strong on the hills, I’m still not convinced there’s not a motor in that fancy Canyon of his, anyway Scott and I managed to hang on through Forth and Carluke as we started heading West, Wishaw was a bit busy, leading to an exchange of pleasantries with an Audi driver, probably not a future first choice of route.

After parting ways with Aeron in Motherwell as he was heading home to Hamilton, Scott and I pushed on for Airdrie, Scott occasionally fired of the front and I realised this was his normal commute and he was giving the Strava segments a blast.

Nice ride stayed dry and although a bit windy still didn’t justify my max Strava speed of 91 mph, maybe it’s me that has the motor in my down tube.


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