ACC Social Road to Linlithgow

Gary Laird, Alistair Kyle, Ross Glass, David Brown, Scott McHutcheson, Alan Turner, Mark Duncan, Phil Jackson, David McLenaghan, Paul C.

A nice (but a wee bit chilly) Sunday morning club social ride with everyone meeting up at Peters’ Barber Shop as usual. This morning we were heading out to Linlithgow; this wouldn’t be a particular hard morning in the saddle as there wasn’t any major climbs involved, but it did make you wonder if would this be a fast one. Looking around at the guys that had turned up for the ride everyone was very relaxed and in good spirits.

The general consensus was to do a detour around the chipped roads – out through Longriggend, Upperton, then heading towards Linlithgow. As everyone was very relaxed the pace was a good tempo, enough to let you talk but not to slow to get you cold. Once everyone went round exchanging pleasantries you’d see the likes of Ross pinging off the front. This wasn’t anything new: Ross likes to sit at the front and then pings away on a jolly or comes from the back – not quite ninja-like, as the revving of his wheels give him away. The first time Ross did this was at Upperton with the rest of us following. As I said, this was nothing new for Ross, but it carried on throughout the ride. Then a few of the lads (Alistair, Phil and Paul) realised what Ross was up to. Turns out Ross was hitting all the Strava sections first and going for the K.O.Ms. He won’t admit it but we’ve all got your number now!

The roads we were riding on were generally in good condition. “The Yellow Train” was working extremely well; the signals were coming down the line letting everyone know of pot holes, parked cars and any other dangers that might hinder our ride. As I mentioned earlier, I was thinking today was going to be about speed as there were no major climbs involved –  I was right. However, this only transpired on the Strava sections with the guys that where interested in going for the K.O.Ms – the likes of Ross, Phil, Alister, Paul and Alan (YES –  that’s right, Alan). Whereas the likes of myself actually didn’t know what was happening. (Some would say that’s the alcohol in me, but I’d like to think it was because I don’t get Strava alerts to my Garmin.)

On the way back from Linlithgow, the road was a too narrow to ride two-together so we became one long train of yellow cladded guys holding up the traffic. To be honest, the traffic was one lorry that didn’t want to pass us as the twisting roads and gradient didn’t lend itself to a 45 tonne lorry. All you could see was a trail of guys and a big lorry trying to pass, but this was nothing new.

The coffee stop today was just down from Torphichen – I believe it’s called the CUP CAKE but I’m unsure. The sun was out and hot, all the guys were chatting away, the banter flowing with most of us settling for just a coffee (next time I will definitely bring money) and others having the customary cake. The poor wee girl that was working must have been wondering what was going on as when she started to bring out the drinks, Alan told her we’d come in for them. Well, a couple of the guys started shouting at Alan to shut up and sit down. I guess the general opinion was he was getting to old to appreciate the beauty that was the girl that was bringing the drinks out. The said girl graciously took our team pics with a smile on her face. Could you blame her? Ten lycra cladded guys standing getting a photo taken.

This was, as ever, a great morning in the saddle with some great riding. Well done to Alistair and Alan on their K.O.Ms also kudos to the guys!

ACC Social Ride to Linlithgow follow this link for Sundays social ride on video

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