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Flying Scotsman Gives New Duathlon Liftoff

Written by runABC Scotland on Tue 10 Feb 2015

Dunoon DuathlonScottish racing cyclist Graeme Obree recently helped launch the inaugural Dunoon Ride and Run duathlon. The race takes place on Saturday 28 March and will feature a 31-mile cycle route, including three time-trial stages, followed by a 12-mile running challenge with four time trial stages.

Graeme, who will present prizes on the day, said: “Dunoon is really building a reputation for staging great events. The town is absolutely beautiful and it will be the ideal setting for athletes of all abilities from across Scotland to test themselves.

“For anybody planning to get fit, the best thing to do is set a target and the Dunoon Ride and Run is a worthwhile challenge. There’s still an exciting buzz around the country after the Commonwealth Games with more and more people getting involved in sport, it will be great for the race. I can’t wait to be there at the finish line to congratulate the athletes.”

Graeme, nicknamed The Flying Scotsman, continued: “It is great to see the growth in numbers of people of all ages taking to cycling and running, particularly the numbers of young people attracted into these sports. It is important that events are in place to give a focus to participants and allow people to come together to enjoy and participate at these events.”

The Dunoon Ride and Run is the ideal test of endurance for athletes of any standard, with a sense of adventure and love of outdoors. Suitable for all levels, from the elite competitor to those seeking a personal challenge, race-goers will compete alongside like-minded folk in a friendly atmosphere.

Competitors can choose to compete in either the run or the cycle, or both. As the event is split up into time trials, there is a chance for both runners and cyclists to catch their breath before getting back on the road. After the event, there will be a true festival atmosphere, with food and family entertainment.

For more information visit the No Fuss Events wbesite.

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Dunoon Ride and Run


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