Georgetown TT


Alex Graham, David McLenaghan, David Telford, Leslie McGuire, Nicky Miller, Phil Jackson, Ross Glass, Scott Williamson


After several weeks of anticipation and preparation (for some) the day dawned bright and mild as we all headed towards the unknown reaches of Inchinnan Business Park just behind Glasgow Airport where we would meet up and collect our numbers.

On arrival it was immediately clear that there were some very serious participants in what we were told was a 7 mile TT for charity. 200 riders with many sporting aero helmets, aero bikes, shaved legs and cyclists warming up on turbos or rollers and sweating more than a customer at Peters Barbers who has just worked out that he is going to get Gary! And then there was us. Ross had a last minute banana while I managed a warm up of a good ten minutes at least while I fiddled with my Garmin which had latched on to another riders heart rate monitor. Nicky Miller introduced himself as our “guest rider” and borrowed an ACC jersey.

We made our way to the start and lined up in front of the timekeeper. Well, the others did, I rode on for a couple of hundred metres so as to change to a bigger gear to then be told off and threatened with disqualification when I returned. Apparently you are not allowed to ride any part of the course before you start proper. Ooops.

Although the course was more or less flat and the wind was light it felt brutal for the first 3.5 miles. At least when we turned back at the ONLY roundabout we would have a bit of a tailwind and it would feel a lot easier. Nope. I got that wrong too. It was just as hard both ways. We found out at the end that Scott had gone straight on at the turn looking for a non-existent second roundabout until he realised his error which may have cost us the overall team prize but probably not. Apparently there was a prize of a pie for the slowest team but I had domestic duties to perform which meant I could not hang around to be ridiculed.

Meeting up at the finish and getting our breath back we all agreed that it had been a good experience and we would do it again but need to get some proper go faster helmets first.

Annoyed with his previous mistake Scott decided to take it out on a few Strava Segments and bagged some fantastic KOMs. I’m sure if we keep it quiet no one else will realise that he did it because he forgot to turn off his Garmin on the drive back home.



Leslie McGuire 18 Min 11 Secs

Phill Jackson 18 Mins 25 Secs

Ross Glass 19 Mins 07 Secs

Alex Graham 19 Mins 29 Secs

Nicky Miller 19 Mins 41 Secs

David Mclenaghan 20 Mins 28 Secs

David Telford 20 Mins 39 Secs

Scott Williamson 22 Mins 54 Secs

Newly named Scott’s Roundabout

official Finishing places and Time

Position First Name Last Name Gender Category Club Time Avg. Speed
82 Leslie McGuire Male Vet ACC 18.11 23.758mph
89 Phillip Jackson Male Vet ACC 18.25 23.457mph
103 Ross Glass Male Vet ACC 19.07 22.598mph
110 Alex Graham Male Vet ACC 19.29 22.173mph
113 Nicky Miller Male Replacement for Mark 19.41 21.947mph
126 David McLenaghan Male Vet ACC 20.28 21.107mph
128 David Telford Male Senior ACC 20.39 20.92mph
140 Scott Williamson Male Vet ACC 22.54 18.865mph


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