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I joined ACC in 2014. I had done a bit of cycling over the years, mostly commuting to work, short weekend solo rides with the occasional group ride with friends.

I retired early from work, and was keen to find new routes, meet like minded people, get motivated and improve my fitness.

I always had it in my head that cycling clubs would be really fast, a bit elitist and snobby and probably found the idea a bit daunting, nothing could have been further from the truth, yes there are some fast guys in the club, however from the first time I went out every one of the members from the slowest to the fastest were really friendly and welcoming.

On the first few rides I was hurting at the back however was never left. I gradually improved and also lost a couple of pounds (bonus). I’m still slow on the hills, but enjoy chasing the fast guys up (one of these days I’ll catch them).

Things I’ve learned, hold the wheel as long as you can, and everyone hurts on the hills even the mountain goats.

Anyone wanting a friendly and helpful bunch to go cycling with, then come along and try ACC.



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