Mennock Pass

Mennock Pass


7 ACC team members and 1 guest set off @ 7 from Airdrie making their way to Sanquhar picking up 1 loan rider along the way in Carluke.

It was very obvious very early on that the weather was going to make or break this trip, the sun was shining and a very calm morning as the group of riders made their way towards Abington on a practically traffic free road at times with clear roads and very few pot holes, approximately 5 miles from Abington the wind started to pick up dark clouds rolled over spots of rain was felt,  the pace that the group were travelling at was quiet high as the guys that were feeling strong was taking the wind at the front of a lined out train but in reality the group were all getting battered with the wind as no shelter was to be had.

The first stop was to gauge the route to Sanquhar this was supposed to be all downhill from the junction of B7078-B740, boy did someone get their homework wrong with that, anyway off we set 9 cyclist onto roads that all bar 1 hadn’t been on before the road was smooth with some nasty cheeky wee inclines to test your legs the scenery along the valley was to die for, everyone to a man said that the B740 road to Sanquhar was a very fast rolling road but the wind was horrendous at times we all made Sanquhar for the now customary cake & coffee stop, up to this point nobody was really talked about the route back but now everyone was taking on more carbs, so plenty of cake, rolls in sausage and plenty of fluids in anticipation of the Mennock Pass one of the top 5 hardest climbs in Scotland, so off we set once again on the second leg of the ride,

This time the pace was pretty even until the closer we got to the Mennock Pass everyone was getting ready for the hard climb ahead then all of a sudden the pace ramped up dramatically as the serious climbers amongst us was thinking of PBs and possibly KOMs, by then it was obvious to everyone that this was us on the climb or at least the start of it, so with the high pace set their was very little talking amongst the group everyone clambering for a wheel to follow with others just happily going at their own pace, once on the actual climb it was clear that it was a pretty even climb with a few little kickups or big kickups depending on how you were feeling at the time and if you could gaze your attention away from the climb ahead you got some of the most beautiful scenery you could wish for, we all decided to meet at the cattle grid at the top of the climb where we all can share our own little experience about our battle up the Mennock Pass which we did for some time,

from the cattle grid to Abington was some of the fastest roads you could ride on this is one thing we all agreed on everyone did notice that even when going up the kickups you could hold a strong pace.

Once at Abington this was yet again the place to get re-fuelled and take on more fluids.

The road back to Airdrie was yet again set at a high pace with members being dropped pretty quickly quiet clearly the riggers of going up the Mennock Pass had taking its toll, so riders were left to fight against a swirling wind long roads alone but at club level that’s what can be expected from time to time as you have your riders that still have a lot left in the legs so they find a pace where they almost APR back home and the rest of the group will form secondary groups on the road or are happy to cycle at their own pace home.

Every one to man loved ACC first club ride down to Sanquhar, Mennock Pass and would definitely do it again highly recommended a great Airdrie Cycling Club day out


Gary Laird, Ross Glass, Andy Dunbar, Scott Williamson, Billy Cargill, Alex Graham

David McLenaghan, Mark Duncan, Richie


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