New Members


Mark Duncan

I joined ACC at the end of May 2017. I had been road cycling for about 3 yrs on my own and with a few of of my friends. I wanted to take my cycling to the next level, learn to ride in a group and up my riding pace. I have really enjoyed group riding so far and there is always different rides going on with the club. There is always someone up for and out for a ride most weeks. Although I still ride on my own when not out with the club I don’t think I’d do as many miles and have discovered new routes without joining



Joe lola


I took cycling up a couple of years ago primarily to lose some weight and get fitter.  After a couple of months of cycling round locks or cycling paths (anywhere flat ) I heard about ACC and decided to join them. 

They are a friendly bunch of guys who have encouraged and helped me giving advice on nutrition ( Dav ) and different aspects of cycling. I don’t make all the club runs due to work commitments but when I’m free it’s good to get out with the guys






When I joined, (having known Gary for quite some time) I found it an easy transition, From riding on my own, to having some friendly likeminded people of all ages whom only ever spur me on to do better with the kind words of encouragement and positive criticism. All in all Airdrie cycling club is a great environment to start keeping fit and inevitably socialising and making friends off of the back of this.

I would highly recommend it, to novice, intermediate or well ridden cyclists took up cycling because I thought race bikes looked really cool and wanted to see how much faster they were compared to the usual (mountain bike) which I’d grown accustomed to as a kid. Turns out very!!! And as I love speed, I was hooked!! I always loved lifting weights and training in the gym but when you have a family, you can maybe only dedicate 1 session a week. And cycling is one of the best things for burning calories and keeping your cardio vascular system in fit working order. Combine this with some friendly banter and general social chit chat, and you don’t even know your training. Also The camaraderie within ACC is second to none. You only have to witness one of the members having a puncture and then everyone steps in with gas and tubes to help. This combined with size of the group, (particularly on the road) can be a real confidence booster, if you are a tad weary of going out on the road, it can make you feel far safer, as you are a whole lot more visible to other road users. Also pesky impatient drivers are forced to treat the group like a proper vehicle “if you like”

This usually results in a much safer overtaking manoeuvre, when the time is right.

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