The two Bridges

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The two Bridges

Gary, Andy, Alex, Alistair, Steve, Scott, Phil, Alan, Scott, David, Ross.

The normal meeting place it was then outside Peters Barbers it was cold waiting around, the freshness of the morning was cutting waiting about then 1 by 1 club members turn up the chat begins the anticipation of who was on shiny new bikes, summer bikes or still using the tried and tested winter bike, Andy was the main Organiser for today’s club ride billed as THE TWO BRIDGES this was also billed as a none challenging club ride (OK) as it was flat with some gradient’s at the finish so (yeah let’s get it on your thinking),

Off we set 11 club riders wrapped up like it was dead set the middle of winter heading towards the first bridge better known as the Forth Road Bridge ok fine the roads where what you’d expect for the first day of spring, but that soon changed obviously the weight of the snow had taking its toll on the roads the truth was you needed springs to get out of some of some those pot holes, yeah that’s right pot holes the scourge of every cyclist absolutely everywhere, some guys wanted extra distance added onto there strava for going into them, then some wanted KOM’s getting out sorry Alan no chance but nice try,

Actually the roads were remarkably quiet heading to the bridge with 11 guys cycling along at a pace that would have been last season’s challenge pace appears to be this seasons social pace no-one really noticing the pace except if you stopped for a comfort break then it was like doing a TT to get back on, once at the (FRB) it was picture gallery time and rightly so the views are remarkable and for some reason you didn’t mind the cold or feel it, 11 guys waiting on some poor passer by ready to pounce on then (PLEASE CAN YOU TAKE A PHOTO) then you all stand proud as punch trying to suck in the belly or actually that might have just been me getting a snap for the gallery.

Pictures done time to head for the obligatory coffee break with cake for sure, we stopped of at a very picturesque little village called Culross on the B9037, the coffee, cake was supplied by Andy & Alan well I say supplied I mean paid for by Andy & Alan long may that continue guys, well at the coffee stop the general chit chat was about bikes old and new, the very poor conditions of the roads with those pot holes, and the pace that was being set by the group and a healthy debate on the pros and cons of organising and completing the Five Ferries, coffee, cake & chat done time to head home.

Heading towards Kincardine Bridge was windy so it was good to have someone’s wheel to cling onto and even better if they were well a bit chunky not the wheel sorry guys but fact, going over the bridge was actually narrow single track if my memory serves me right, all you could think of was keeping on the wheel in front and peddle with the odd glance to the side looking at the view, coming off the bridge could have been more of a challenge as cyclist were waiting on our train coming to an end (so having patience is good) cycling along towards Larbert we negotiated a concession of roundabouts you’re asking why mention roundabouts well 1 of our group seems to dislike them and always tries to get lost at them,
We stopped at Larbert train station your wondering why, well those references to getting lost at roundabouts it happened SCOTT W got lost and no-one seen him so we stopped at Larbert train station for reference point for Scott to find, well it was reckoned that the first 35 – 40 miles at the pace the group was going at definitely took its toll on Scott he was drained and couldn’t stay with the group but he didn’t let anyone know that he was in difficulty, so after a long long wait with numerus phone calls and search parties (Andy) it was decided that the group should split up 1 group heading for home the other for Scott, with the group halved in size the pace dropped as riders were spent drained physically gone everyone had ran out of drinks and food the cries were any gels anyone any gels left.

Everyone got home safely including Scott W, the two bridges ride was a fantastic day out well organised well attended by ACC members but the biggest surprise for everyone was the fitness levels everyone to a man had, as maintaining that pace for those first 35 – 40 miles with no-one being dropped was brilliant as last season riders would have been spat right out the back, the pace was relentless sitting between 19 – 22mh the reason I know this was I kept looking at my Garmin and fighting to stay on at the back getting towed back on with Phil & Scott M, so well done guys some good strong riding from everyone and a big thanks must go to the Club and Phil for the winter spin classes quite clearly those have paid off big time for everyone.

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