Group Riding Technique

“Two Up” Group Riding Technique and how to “spell up” at the front.


diagram1Diagram 1

This is meant to be an illustration of our standard Sunday riding formation. Each rider represented by an arrow. (Blue is outside front, pink inside front, and orange all the rest.)

Having taken their spell at the front of the group the call should be made to “Spell” or “Spell up”. The call can be made by either of the riders at the front (if they have had enough) or any other rider behind (who feels fresh legs are required).







diagram2Diagram 2

When a “spell up” call is made (and the leading riders agree) the following is the procedure to follow: The “blue” rider increases pace slightly allowing him to move ahead of his riding partner (pink). Blue then pulls in front of pink and both riders ease their pace allowing them to drift back down the group. At the same time the group should move out as a unit to allow pink and blue to drift back.







diagram3Diagram 3

All of the remainder of the group move out as a unit to pass pink and blue. These “orange” riders do not single up. They remain shoulder to shoulder with their partner and hold an even pace.

At this point it could be viewed that the riders are three abreast, they are not, the orange riders are overtaking pink and blue.








Diagram 4

Once pink and blue have been passed the orange riders move back into the left as they clear the front wheel of the blue rider.

In an even numbered group pink (who started on the inside will now be on the outside and the opposite for blue). In an odd numbered group the “odd” rider should be the last rider in the group and take the outside position. Pink can drift in behind this rider while blue takes the inside position.

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