ACC Founder

I guess, like most cyclists, my love of cycling came from my childhood. It was my transport to see

friends, to run errands for my mum (two bottles of milk in my bottle cages). My first bike had white

tyres and, when inflated, could climb any kerb. As a teenager, my dad gave up beer for many

months so that Santa could bring me a Raleigh Chopper (three speed Sturmey Archer gears,

coloured psychedelic purple.) I lived in a first floor flat so carrying it upstairs was a challenge, but

not as much as trying to stop it hauling me downstairs as I took it out in the morning. Inevitably it

was stolen, and I was without transport for a while.

Eventually, my old Aunt Sadie bought me my first road bike from Halfords (three speed again). I

used to see older guys on these fantastic machines which, on closer inspection, were usually

Flying Scotts. I was as likely to own one of them as I was to travel to the moon.

I had various road bikes over the following years; eventually I had to sell my pride and joy – a

Reynolds framed Shimano equipped pink and yellow vision – to help buy my Nissan Micra to

travel to work.

A few years training in gyms, marriage, two kids and one business later I began cycling again.

I had ridden with a couple of clubs but for various reasons I didn’t fit in or was made feel


One evening, Gareth and Scott from AGZ and myself went to the Tudor Hotel for a drink and steak

pie and the ACC idea was born.

As a result of my own experiences with cycle clubs, I have always tried to make ACC a welcoming

and friendly club. Many of you have come to the club via the barber shop and I’ve probably said

this to many of you: “9am Sunday, Road bike, helmet and you’re in.”

I’ve met some lifelong friends through the club and witnessed some incredible changes with

members (not all physical); I hope to carry on running this club for many years to come


Gary Laird

Founder of Airdrie Cycling Club


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