ACC Ride to Stirling

Ross Glass, Alex Graham, Phil Jackson, Aeron Thomson, David Brown, David McLenagahan, Alistair Kyle, Andy Dunbar, Gary laird, Scott Williamson

ACC Sunday social ride

It took a bit more time to get this social ride for ACC sorted out as it was generally agreed that this ride wouldn’t be as taxing both on mileage and elevation so that it would be well attended by club members of all abilities,

Whilst waiting on everyone arriving for the grand depart from Peters Barbers shop it was increasingly becoming apparent that this wouldn’t be just a normal morning in the saddle,  once everyone got a real good look at the newest addition to the ACC family (Aeron new Bike) the route was set and agreed,  of we all went knowing Full well that pace and elevation was going to play a real part in today’s proceedings although weather was mentioned,  heading towards Kilsyth 10 riders chatting away until we hit the bottom of the Tak ma Doon Road, Then the climbing began and as if by magic the torcher begins right from the off but the boys up front they thrive on the likes of the Tak they race up the hill as if the challenging and ever changing gradients was like flat roads,  whilst the rest struggle and gasp thinking when do I get to the top then you gaze up through steamy glasses and all you see is gradients reaching 10% and even more in places you think why just why did I come out, then when you reach the top it’s like a sense of relief and you look over the views and you say that why I come out and as if almost being flippant you say thats was easy no worries ill do that anytime.

the next meeting point was at Carron bridge but before that you’ve got the FORD to get across some elect to get off and walk some ride across either way 9 times out of 10 you’re getting wet feet,  once everyone arrives at the first meeting point its soon time to set off again,  but guess what you’re hitting yet another smallish climb right from your very first peddle stroke, by this time we’re heading towards Stirling this road was your typical idyllic country road full of pot holes uneven surfaces and wildlife stretching for 8 miles into Stirling you couldn’t go wrong hear as the faster boys were at hand waiting at the end of the road making sure no-one was getting lost,  going along this country road it was clear the weather was going to turn but up until now luck was on our side or so it seemed,  heading towards corrier’s  Stirling’s best café according to some amongst us. But he couldn’t find it on his bike and blamed it on (only driving to the café all of the time so the roads are different) MMMMM. Lost is lost wrong turns are wrong turns

The hope amongst the group was to get to the café dry but due to a mechanical this was not to be, the rain started just as the group headed into Stirling and it was heavy, but riding through Stirling’s pedestrian precinct in heavy rain it seemed that everyone was looking at us 10 guys on bikes all with bright yellow ACC cycling tops on they were probably thinking what (idiots) or something along those lines, whilst as a cyclist riding with a group of guys each following wheels like 2 straight lines on the road you actually think the exact opposite.

Customary Coffee & cake and bacon roll all done,  it was time to set off and head back homewards, whilst the pace was almost leisurely probably some of the group were waiting on the cake and rolls to digest whilst others were cold and still wet from the heavy rain and wanting the pace lifted as they found it just a bit to slow,  so you started to cringe when the shouts started to ring out (pick the pace up pick the pace up), then it began APR yip you got it APR, this time it was better as there were more riders to take the pace at the front of the train but some of the group were just a wee bit more exuberant than others at the front but yet again the shouts (pace pace)  meaning slow down a bit, for some of the group this was probably a relief but they won’t admit it as nobody really likes riding along at speed and being sprayed in the face with dirty rain water finding it hard to see & breath at time all you can do is fix your eyes on the wheel in front of you hoping that they don’t go over a pot hole. With everyone working well within the APR it was good to see that nobody was getting dropped and yes the pace was high but manageable,  but then something went wrong horribly wrong we started hitting the hills again nobody mentioned more hills,  (guys I think the group briefings needs to be sorted), since the group were hitting more hills again guys were getting shelled right out the back but again this was to be expected,  but the good thing is the stronger riders tend to do a lot of waiting about and directing the guys that go at the steadier pace or as we like to call it breathable pace,  the faster guys make sure that we don’t get lost they also stop to help guys that suffer from cramp or mechanicals so hats off to the stronger guys cause they must be so tempted just to ride off into the sunset and stay warm

75% of the guys that were out today did the Mennock Pass the week previous and the general consensus was today was harder and shorter ride and every bit as good if not better great day out guys.

Great ACC Social ride yet again well organised thanks to (Andy)


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