Two Bridges

Airdrie Cycle Club Two Bridges

From time to time a club member organises the Sunday Social ride, on this occasion Alex Graham suggested that we do the two bridges, as normal we meet at 9 am at the shop.

setting off wasn’t fast paced by any shakes of the imagination as everyone was in high spirits chatting away this is what you’d expect from a group of cyclist on a social ride, the weather was pleasant not that windy nor wet the train of ten riders heading towards Edinburgh’s forth road bridge with Steve and Ross featuring at the front of the group for long spells this is normal as both riders like to either chase strava sections or just set the pace or they might even be a bit antisocial at times who knows, the roads had been of a reasonable standard not to many pot holes no hills to speak of either, sitting in the group just cycling away and chatting about the route and the question was asked was this a good route to get a high speed average on strava as it’s a relatively flat route with some fast rolling roads but ACC weren’t out to try and break records we were out on a club social ride and the pace at times seemed to show this as it was pretty easy going, the group were riding in doubles and chatting away on the odd occasion someone (Ross & Steve) would up the pace at the front but then the godfather (Alex) would cruise up the outside of the group to the front and looks across at the riders then the pace drops nobody knows what Alex says or does it just happens.

getting to the first bridge was a great opportunity to get a group picture so it was a case of pouncing on some poor passer-by to take a picture of 10 guys trying to hold the bellies in well some of us, actually when you think about this guys this always seems to be some poor woman that’s subjected to this act of picture taking I wonder why that is, so once the customary picture was done and the intake of some gels or an extra long drink off we set heading towards the coffee & cake stop at Culross but getting to Culross seemed to be an issue as we kind of got lost, well we didn’t get lost it just took a wee bit of time finding the right road that’s all, Alan decided to use his head and got us to cross a 10 meter grassy walk way onto the right road that we should have been on in the first place or i think we’d probably still be going down dead-end roads,

At the coffee shop it was like a cyclist convention or some sort of tight lycra show with who has the most colourful cycling top with the most sponsors logo’s on them, At the end of the day I guess a few clubs had the same idea as ACC get out for a long ride in half decent weather, the staff in the coffee shop couldn’t have been anymore helpful by dusting off some stacked up chairs for us so that we could sit outside, once we got settled the coffee/cake and for some breakfast arrived, a few guys chatting to some riders from the other clubs, the banter & jokes were flowing as you’d expect I won’t say who or whom was the but of all the banter/jokes he/they know who he/they are.

heading back to Airdrie from Culross wasn’t what you’d expect to be honest, yes you knew guys at some point would sprint off the front and ride into the distance, for the first couple of miles leaving Culross some guys started to stretch their legs and string out the group but that only lasted for a couple of miles I’m guessing that must have been a strava hot spot (Ross), the group quickly come back together heading towards Kincardine Bridge by this point the wind was getting a bit more aggressive so sitting on a wheel was good as you had shelter from the wind, crossing Kincardine bridge can be tricking as it’s a single lane so the guy on the front dictates the pace to keep everyone safe.

simply because the group hadn’t really exerted themselves up to this point (not a fast pace) well accept just the once for a couple of miles, your mind started to think when is this all going to explode as it was all too nice and easy out on the road their was a few fast guys in the group today (Leslie, Alex, Steve, Ross) and you just knew it was only a matter of time before they set the touch paper alight, well it is a cycling club after all this is what you you expect specially when your on the way home guys are itching to open up the throttle and ride not away from the pack but just ride at a faster pace,

for a few miles the pace picked up along with the headwind so the group got a bit strung out, but the real turning point was turning right at this roundabout in single file that’s were you actually felt how strong the wind was and how fast the pace was getting, then a tractor overtook the group and a few guys decided to get a tow from the tractor so (Leslie, Scott, Ross) jumped straight onto the back of the tractor not literally jump on it but get as close to it as possible and get drafting from it, at this point as a rider in the group your decision is 1 of 2 things stay or go with the guy’s up top or remain in what’s left of the group and cycle home with them.

this was a fantastic day out great company and covering some good miles from between 70 and 80 for some well organised by Alex

Alex Graham, Leslie McGuire, Ross Glass, Steve Horne, Gary Laird, Alan Turner, Scott McHutheson, Scott Parkhill, Scott Williamson, David McLenaghan

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