Pedal for Scotland final

Gary Laird, Ross Glass, Scott Parkhill, Scott McHutcheson, David McLenaghan, Martin McCadle. Pedal for Scotland For some reason this didn’t feel or even seem like your normal run of the mill sportive – normally you’d have loads of cyclist huddled around inspecting bikes and long queues of people at the Portaloos/toilet. No, this sportive felt…

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St Andrews Hospice Sportive

the team at Limerigg feed station Organisers Airdrie Cycle Club, ARRIA Cycle Club. Coatbridge Clarion Cycle Club Airdrie Feed Station Big thanks to Tracey & Emma Laird, Julie McQuade along with Chris Jackson for giving up your time to look after the cyclist not just for making sure they had plenty of food and drink…

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THE START AT CASTLE SEMPLE VISITOR CENTRE Pedal the Park David McLenaghan On arrival at castle semple visitors centre first impressions to be honest wasn’t good, it looked disjointed and disorganised cars, bikes and people everywhere but after registering it then took a turn for the better, the organisers were keen to get things going…

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Today’s ACC social ride wasn’t ever going to be well attended due to club members all having things to do except Ross he went off earlier at 7am to do the same route to Carnwath but the rest of us wanted a lie in bed so we met up at 9am. With their only being…

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The two Bridges

b082f865-77b2-40ff-9381-56d12078dd5c (3) The two Bridges Gary, Andy, Alex, Alistair, Steve, Scott, Phil, Alan, Scott, David, Ross. The normal meeting place it was then outside Peters Barbers it was cold waiting around, the freshness of the morning was cutting waiting about then 1 by 1 club members turn up the chat begins the anticipation of who…

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Georgetown TT

GEORGETOWN CUP SAT 02 SEP 17 Alex Graham, David McLenaghan, David Telford, Leslie McGuire, Nicky Miller, Phil Jackson, Ross Glass, Scott Williamson   After several weeks of anticipation and preparation (for some) the day dawned bright and mild as we all headed towards the unknown reaches of Inchinnan Business Park just behind Glasgow Airport where…

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Tour of Tweeddale

Alex Graham, Andy Dunbar, David McLenaghan, Phil Jackson, Scott Williamson 100 Miles The price of being into any sport means getting up early, but as I loaded the car in order to head to Peebles for the Tour of Tweeddale a bat flew past and I thought perhaps it may have been a little too…

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ACC SOCIAL RIDE 20/08/17 – CARNWATH LOOP ROSS GLASS, ALEX GRAHAM, PHIL JACKSON, ANDY DUNBAR, DAVIE BROWN, ALISTAIR KYLE, LESLIE MCGUIRE, SCOTT WILLIAMSON AND ALAN TURNER As I cycled up towards Peter’s barbers I was really pleased to see there was a good turnout again obviously very keen as its normally me first and I…

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