Cycling Near Inverness

Cycling Near Inverness

Pedaling through the hills of Inverness, Scotland. The wind caressing your skin, a sense of freedom like never before. You’re about to embark on an adventure unlike any other – cycling near Inverness! This article will take you deep into the heart of this stunning region; revealing its natural beauty and all it has to offer.

The rolling countryside surrounding Inverness is teeming with life and breathtaking views. Whether you’re looking for challenging trails or leisurely bike rides along winding paths, there’s something here for every type of cyclist. From quaint villages to lush green forests, explore a side of Scotland that few get to see while enjoying some much-needed time outdoors in nature. Get ready to discover what makes cycling near Inverness so special!

So strap on your helmet and let’s go exploring. Unleash your inner adventurer as we journey together through this magical part of the world, taking in the sights and sounds around us – from misty lochs to soaring cliffsides – discovering why Cycling Near Inverness should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list!

National Cycle Network

The National Cycle Network is a great way to explore the area around Inverness. With its network of cycle routes, you can easily find yourself on one of the most beautiful and best cycling routes in Scotland: The Great Glen Way. This stunning route takes you through some of Scotland’s finest scenery; from majestic mountains to tranquil loch sides – it has something for everyone. And if you turn left at Clachnaharry onto the Loch Ness Trail, then you can continue your journey all the way to Fort Augustus! So no matter how experienced or adventurous you are, there are plenty of wonderful places to explore by bike near Inverness.

Fort William to Inverness

Loch Ness Long Distance Ride

The Loch Ness Long Distance Ride offers the perfect opportunity to experience cycling near Inverness. It takes you from one end of Scotland’s famous Great Glen – where the Caledonian Canal meets Loch Ness – all the way back to Inverness, covering some of the most spectacular cycle routes around Inverness and its surrounding area. Along this journey, you will be able to explore beautiful mountain biking trails, stunning lochs, riverside paths and rolling hills.

You’ll also get a chance to see some awe-inspiring views of Scotland’s rugged landscape along the way. Whether it’s an effortless ride on flat terrain or a challenging track over mountainous terrain that you’re looking for, there are plenty of options available with this route. And at just over 80 miles total distance from Inverness city center, there is no better way to spend your day off than exploring these marvelous sights in Scotland!

Inverness To Loch Ness Loop

Just 120 miles from Inverness lies the iconic Loch Ness, and a cycling route that follows the Great Glen Way is sure to be an exciting experience. The breathtaking views of this area will surely make you wonder if there’s really something lurking beneath the surface!

You’ll follow country roads and cycle paths along Loch Ness as well as explore some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery. You can even stop off at different points for refreshments or take in historical sites such as Urquhart Castle. As you journey through these picturesque landscapes, you’re bound to feel liberated and free – qualities that are core to those who enjoy outdoor pursuits like cycling.

The Inverness to Loch Ness Loop will certainly leave lasting memories – it’s a great way to get outdoors and escape civilization!

Caledonian Canal And River Ness Trails

Inverness to Loch Ness is one of Scotland’s most picturesque routes. Along the way, cyclists can explore the Caledonian Canal and River Ness trails. These trails offer stunning views of:

  • Ancient sites:
  • Bronze age burial cairns
  • The ruins of Urquhart Castle
  • Natural beauty spots:
  • Kessock Bridge across the Moray Firth
  • Inverness city center skyline
  • Wildlife habitats:
  • Red deer in Glenurquhart forest reserve
  • Ospreys along the riverbanks

Cycling these trails allows you to discover a variety of landscapes and historical monuments that are steeped in Scottish culture. On top of this, cycling also provides an enjoyable physical activity for all levels of fitness – from novice riders to seasoned veterans. It gives people the opportunity to experience nature at its best while enjoying some exercise and fresh air. This peaceful journey will leave you feeling invigorated, energized and refreshed with a renewed appreciation for Scotland’s natural wonders.

Bridge over the River Ness

Mountain Biking Adventures

Mountain biking near Inverness offers daring adventurers the chance to explore some of Scotland’s best mountain bike trails. From Bellfield Park, a popular spot for dirt jumpers and downhill riders, to Ben Wyvis, an area renowned for its awe-inspiring views, there is something to suit all ability levels.

TrailExperience Level
Bellfield ParkBeginner/Intermediate
Dalmore Forest & GlensIntermediate/Advanced
Gang Farm TrailsIntermediate/Expert
Ben Wyvis Summit TrailAdvanced
Loch Ruthven LoopAll Levels

Explore winding tracks through woodland areas or venture out onto open moorland with breathtaking vistas. Climb steep hills and tackle technical descents before finishing off your ride in style with a well-earned stop at one of many quaint pubs nearby. Take on challenging single-track sections or cruise along wide forest roads – you can have it all when mountain biking near Inverness! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for an unforgettable journey of discovery and adventure on two wheels!

Top Cycling Routes Around Inverness

If you’re looking for a unique cycling experience near Inverness, look no further. This area of Scotland is full of stunning routes that offer something special to any cyclist who’s game enough to take them on. From the famous Black Isle and its majestic ess islands to the ancient Clava Cairns, there are plenty of places to explore when it comes to cycling in Inverness.

The Black Isle is known for its delicious seafood and beautiful beaches, but it also offers some great rides along the coast too. You can cycle around the rugged cliffs and coves as well as explore nearby villages and take in views over Loch Ness. The ess islands provide an entirely different experience; they’re wilder than mainland Scotland with their untamed landscapes and crashing waves.

While cycling these remote spots, you’ll be sure to come across some incredible sights – from seals basking in the sun to golden eagles soaring overhead – making this route one not to miss! Finally, if you’re after a more historical adventure then make sure you visit Clava Cairns; here you will find a series of Bronze Age burial sites that have been standing for thousands of years. Whether you’re seeking solitude or simply want to admire nature in all its glory, this place certainly won’t disappoint!

So why not get out there and explore? With so many fantastic cycling routes around Inverness waiting for your exploration, what are you waiting for? Now go out there and discover all that this amazing part of Scotland has to offer!

You could even try bikepacking your way around the area.

On The Road To Inverness
On The Road To Inverness

Walking Or Cycling The Loch Ness Trail

The LN Trail is a popular walk or cycle route that takes visitors through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Scotland. It stretches from Inverness to Fort William and passes by Ess Islands, Loch Ness, Culloden Battlefield and other heritage sites. The trail also takes you past amazing views of lochs and mountains as well as ancient forests managed by the Forestry Commission.

Not only does this trail provide an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts, but it is also a great way to learn about Scottish history. Along the way, you can discover Bronze Age sites and even visit old castles – all while enjoying stunning scenery! As you meander along the path, take time to appreciate nature’s beauty and marvel at how far human civilizations have come. Enjoy being outdoors without worrying about timetables or deadlines—there’s no rush here! Instead kick back and relax as you breathe in fresh air and explore Scotland’s wonderful countryside.

Cycling near Inverness provides an array of biking trails for cyclists to explore. The Forestry Commission manages many tracks and trails through the forest, making it a great place for those looking for cycling adventures. Ess Islands is home to some of the most popular mountain bike trails in the area, with expansive views that make any ride feel like a journey across Scotland’s wild coastal landscape.

The paths range from easy-going gravel roads to more difficult single-track routes to try, allowing riders to choose their own difficulty level when planning a ride. Riders can find plenty of challenging downhill sections and technical obstacles on some of these trails as well as open terrain with grassy meadows and long flat straights perfect for picking up speed.

Many of these trails are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders alike, providing something new around every corner whatever your ability level may be. Bikers should also check out nearby spots such as Farr Wood and Dochgarroch Forest which offer even more amazing off-road experiences.

So come join us in exploring all Inverness has to offer! With its breathtaking landscapes and variety of trails, there’s no better way to get out into nature than by taking a cycling holiday here – you won’t regret it!

Biking Where You Live, Work And Play

Biking around Inverness is a perfect way to explore the area. Whether you’ve got your own road bike or are looking for some bike hire, there are plenty of places to get out and enjoy this stunning part of Scotland.

For those who prefer traffic-free cycling, there are several trails in the area that offer great views and interesting terrain. From riverside routes along the Caledonian Canal to forest tracks through Glen Affric and even coastal paths by Inverness Beach – it’s all here!

There’s something for everyone:

  • For thrill-seekers:
  • Hire a mountain bike and hit up one of our many off-road trails.
  • Take on challenging single-track courses with jumps and tight turns.
  • For leisure cyclists:
  • Enjoy an easy ride along flat cycleways with scenic views.
  • Follow riverbanks on gentle slopes with wide turning points.

No matter what type of cyclist you are, cycling around Inverness offers unique experiences for every level of rider – from beginner to pro! So grab your helmet, pump up your tires, and head outside to enjoy everything this beautiful region has to offer.

Sligachan, Isle Of Skye
Sligachan, Isle Of Skye

Cycle To Loch Ness Self-Guided Trip

Cycling near Inverness is a great way to explore the stunning Highlands. This self-guided trip takes riders along the Moray Firth, skirting around some of the smaller islands and providing spectacular views of Loch Ness. Taking in the beauty of this picturesque part of Scotland, cyclists can ride through quaint villages and ancient forests on their journey towards one of Scotland’s most famous attractions.

The route offers something for all skill levels; from easy rides along quiet country roads to more challenging terrain taking in steep climbs and descents, there’s plenty to keep even experienced riders entertained. With regular rest stops en route, you’ll be able to take in all the amazing sights while still having time to enjoy your cycling holiday in the Highlands. There are also lots of chances to sample delicious local produce at independent cafes or pubs dotted throughout the region – perfect for recharging after a long day on two wheels!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are There Any Bike Rental Services Available?

Riding a bike is an excellent way to explore the area. If you’re in Inverness, you may want to know if there are any bike rental services available. The answer is yes! Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term rentals, biking around Inverness has never been easier.

You can find several reputable businesses offering quality bikes and accessories with affordable rates in Inverness. Many of these shops have knowledgeable staff that will help you choose the right type of bicycle based on your needs and budget. Most will also provide helmets and other safety gear, as well as expert advice on where to go and what routes to take while cycling around town.

So don’t wait – get out there and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Inverness by renting a bike today! It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience that’ll give you a newfound appreciation for nature and freedom.

Is It Possible To Join A Guided Cycling Tour Around Inverness?

Joining a guided cycling tour around Inverness is an exciting way to explore the area. It’s also possible to personalize your journey for a unique experience that won’t be forgotten. Here are some things to consider when looking into joining a tour:

  • Look for experienced guides with knowledge of the local terrain and culture.
  • Consider what type of cyclist you are, as tours can range from leisurely rides to high-intensity treks.
  • Find out if there are discounts or special offers available.
  • Ask about any additional services provided like bike rentals and snacks.

The benefits of choosing a guided tour include having access to professional advice and support while on the road. You’ll also get insights into hidden gems in the area that may not be discovered without help from locals who know best. Plus, it’s great fun meeting other cyclists and swapping stories over dinner at night! So why not plan your next adventure today?


I had come to Inverness to explore the city by bike, and I was not disappointed. It has been a truly enjoyable experience.

I got an intimate look at some of Inverness’ most beautiful sights without sacrificing my own comfort or convenience.

Overall, cycling around Inverness was an incredible journey; one filled with breathtaking views, new experiences and lasting memories. As someone who values exploration as much as adventure, it’s safe to say this trip met every expectation – and then some.