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I joined ACC in 2014. I had done a bit of cycling over the years, mostly commuting to work, short weekend solo rides with the occasional group ride with friends.

I retired early from work, and was keen to find new routes, meet like minded people, get motivated and improve my fitness.

I always had it in my head that cycling clubs would be really fast, a bit elitist and snobby and probably found the idea a bit daunting, nothing could have been further from the truth, yes there are some fast guys in the club, however from the first time I went out every one of the members from the slowest to the fastest were really friendly and welcoming.

On the first few rides I was hurting at the back however was never left. I gradually improved and also lost a couple of pounds (bonus). I’m still slow on the hills, but enjoy chasing the fast guys up (one of these days I’ll catch them).

Things I’ve learned, hold the wheel as long as you can, and everyone hurts on the hills even the mountain goats.

Anyone wanting a friendly and helpful bunch to go cycling with, then come along and try ACC.



Leslie McGuire

Like most of us in a cycle club, I had a racer during my youth, exploring the backroads and climbs around East Renfrewshire on my blue Peugeot 5 speed racer. Roll forward to working/marriage/weight gain and kids, the cycling seemed a long forgotten pastime. I eventually bought a hybrid as the kids got a bit older, pleased to be cycling around coatbridge for 8 miles every day – even if it rained.

A couple of years ago a work colleague asked if I would be interested to do a charity coast to coast ride. This is known as the “C2C”, a 2 day event from Whitehaven to Sunderland. Of course unprepared and not really knowing what I was in for I agreed and looked forward to the adventure, knowing I could easily now manage the 8 miles a day, even if it started to rain during the event.

When the C2C weekend arrived, introduced to the other cyclists in the pub the night before, I was quick to realise on the first day what was actually to come, climbs up and over Hartside fell near Penrith to name a few. While huffing and puffing my way up the climbs, I was always overtaken by Alfie a retired 65 year old, this is when the penny dropped. No impact during the workouts and we can keep fit going forward. I bought a road bike and joined ACC after a recommendation from a friend, the guys were very welcoming and make cycling good fun.




David McLenaghan

My chosen sport was always football when I was younger never cycling or running, but when I stopped playing football at 30 odds I sort of started running as an avenue to keep fit and to lose the pounds, I ran for a Harriers team in Glasgow, I’d run in club races anything from 5k’s up to ultra-marathons I wasn’t bothered about distance as long as I was running for the club, my biggest achievement was winning my age group in the London marathon for the harrier club event, then I injured my sciatica nerve, the doctor told me I couldn’t compete or run at any great intensity again and that if I wanted to stay active or involved in sport then I should take up cycling, I looked at the doctor and said nope not for me thank you.

After a while I went out and got myself a road bike I paid £20 for it, and started cycling to and from work, I didn’t like it one little bit as I wasn’t a bike person, but it was keeping me active and pain free so I persevered with it, eventually I decided to try and join a cycling club to see what it was all about, I knew nothing about cycling or bikes other than watching TDF once yearly, I was following 1 of the ACC members on Strava and I was always thinking those guys look like they’re enjoying cycling, why?

After trying a few clubs, I decided to join ACC purely on the basis of those Strava posts, I found the guys very chatty and helpful on the rides, but obviously I struggled to stay with the group on training and social rides, but someone would drop back and stay close to me making sure I was OK, after a while whilst out on a Sunday Social ride we were sitting at a junction I was asked what my gearing was on my bike, I turned and said it’s a 7 speed I knew nothing else, well enough was said on the bike, what you’ve got to remember I only paid £20 for this bike,

So, from then on, the guys kind of started to educate me on bikes and the way bikes work but leaving out the expensive part, the best thing for me about being apart of ACC is the guys the way they all jump in to help with any query no matter how big or small and not all bike related.

In late 2019 I decided to call it a day on the cycling lark, I told all my family and close friends that I was giving it up, I was doing 1 more season and that was me finished for good,  so 2020 was my time for quitting cycling, so with it being my last season, I decided on giving 2020 my undivided attention to cycling I was out cycling a great deal, I guess I was asking myself the question would I miss this, and did I really want to quit.

The country was on Lockdown due to a pandemic so club rides or meet-ups were void, when Lockdown was easing and we could actually have club rides again, I went and had an accident, not a life threatening accident but serious enough to make you take stock, so for some reason my accident had changed my attitude towards cycling it’s kind of put me in a place that I feel I need to cycle now and that giving it up isn’t an option anymore, and that’s probably largely down to the guys at the club for all their support & friendship for that I thank each and every one of you Guy’s

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