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Mark Duncan

I joined ACC at the end of May 2017. I had been road cycling for about 3 yrs on my own and with a few of of my friends. I wanted to take my cycling to the next level, learn to ride in a group and up my riding pace. I have really enjoyed group riding so far and there is always different rides going on with the club. There is always someone up for and out for a ride most weeks. Although I still ride on my own when not out with the club I don’t think I’d do as many miles and have discovered new routes without joining



Joe lola


I took cycling up a couple of years ago primarily to lose some weight and get fitter.  After a couple of months of cycling round locks or cycling paths (anywhere flat ) I heard about ACC and decided to join them. 

They are a friendly bunch of guys who have encouraged and helped me giving advice on nutrition ( Dav ) and different aspects of cycling. I don’t make all the club runs due to work commitments but when I’m free it’s good to get out with the guys

Hi I’am

Greg I’am new to cycling , got my first road bike around July time and never looked back been blown away with the generosity of the boys in the club , great group of guys, my friend geo kept me right and steered me in the right direction of what bike to buy, then I think he tried to destroy me with taking me up the crow on my 2nd cycle lol 😂

When I got my bike I took a wee run by peters and Gary was out like a bullet , And that’s where I was invited along For a cycle with the club , I really enjoy Cycling with ACC , good to get out get a chat with like minded guys and of course the fitness aspect I’ve always steered away from cardio vascular training because I find it can be boring , cycling has changed that for me to find something you enjoy and keeps you fit it’s a win win for me , I’ve picked up a turbo trainer so hopefully over the winter I can build a good base and give the fast guys a run for there money next year Thanks ACC for having me Greg



When I joined, (having known Gary for quite some time) I found it an easy transition, From riding on my own, to having some friendly likeminded people of all ages whom only ever spur me on to do better with the kind words of encouragement and positive criticism. All in all Airdrie cycling club is a great environment to start keeping fit and inevitably socialising and making friends off of the back of this.

I would highly recommend it, to novice, intermediate or well ridden cyclists took up cycling because I thought race bikes looked really cool and wanted to see how much faster they were compared to the usual (mountain bike) which I’d grown accustomed to as a kid. Turns out very!!! And as I love speed, I was hooked!! I always loved lifting weights and training in the gym but when you have a family, you can maybe only dedicate 1 session a week. And cycling is one of the best things for burning calories and keeping your cardio vascular system in fit working order. Combine this with some friendly banter and general social chit chat, and you don’t even know your training. Also The camaraderie within ACC is second to none. You only have to witness one of the members having a puncture and then everyone steps in with gas and tubes to help. This combined with size of the group, (particularly on the road) can be a real confidence booster, if you are a tad weary of going out on the road, it can make you feel far safer, as you are a whole lot more visible to other road users. Also pesky impatient drivers are forced to treat the group like a proper vehicle “if you like”

This usually results in a much safer overtaking manoeuvre, when the time is right.

Scott Parkhill

On my return to Scotland in 2018 after 24yrs living in England I felt I needed to find a good group of cyclists who enjoyed a relaxed friendly atmosphere, I joined ACC in May 2019 after searching local clubs in my area of Cumbernauld but I couldn’t find one that I thought suited my needs in the area, the first thing I noticed about ACC was all riders are supported on the road, even on the bad hangover days. Since taking up cycling in 2012 I’ve managed to completed London-2-Paris x 3, Prudential Ride London 100 miles x 3, Welsh Velothon x 1, and Buckingham Palace – Windsor Palace x 1 raising money for different charities.  
Whilst living in England I liked nothing better than Spending a number of training weekends in the Welsh countryside cycling up Hellfire Pass, The Nant, Snowdon & Nefyn “Heart Attack” hill. I’m particularly proud of my longest ride to date which was from Leicester to Boston and back which took in 129 miles of great roads on a very hot July summers day.
I absolutely enjoy cycling, I enjoy the coffee stops (prefer a pint & always happy to stop at a pub) but I guess like most cyclist I love nothing more than challenging myself. Overall I consider myself an average paced cyclist with no aspirations of any speedy heroics. Honestly if anyone is thinking about joining a cycling club to not only help improve  their cycling but have some good company whilst spending time on the saddle not forgetting keeping safe on the roads,  then I would 100% recommend that you  come along and give the lads at ACC a go you won’t look back I didn’t. 

Tom McDonald I started out proper cycling a good 15 years ago now, by commuting to and from work. The plan was to get and keep fit whilst saving some petrol money. I certainly got fitter but I didn’t save any money! my commuting early commuting started on my Dads trusty old mountain bike as I didn’t actually own a bike at that time, I found doing the 30 mile round trip from Muirhead to Livingston in all kind of weather was certainly a long hard slog on that bike but I must have enjoyed it enough to keep going!. I did eventually progressed onto a hybrid bike, I used the hybrid for a year or two, then I though there must be a better way to do this, So I took the plunge and bought a proper road bike, and I never looked back. its just the ease of speed that you get on a road bike just seemed like it was on a different level. I cycle more for the fun of it now. I’ve done the odd cycling event (the Etape Pennines nearly killed me! Horrible!). I love finding new routes and a good challenging climb or two. I also enjoy the maintenance side of things. I’ve managed to fix most things that go wrong with a bike over the years (with the help of youtube). But don’t ask me what everything is called! I’ve never been part of a cycling club but I’ve always fancied it. I mostly go out on my own, occasionally with a mate but I never managed to convince many of them to get into the road biking! I’ve a young family now too, so when I do get some time, I often need a kick up the back side to get moving. Being part of ACC can only help me with that. I’m really looking forward to eventually getting out on some group rides when the weather eventually improves. Tom

John Cole.

I joined Airdrie Cycle Club in mid July 2020. I had been making the most of the lockdown/furlough situation in cycling around some of the National Cycle routes in the area. My Scottish family are not keen cyclists so I was generally going out on my own. My daughter and Son in Law enjoy cycling down in Gloucestershire but I don’t see them very often, especially this past year. Vicky was up with the grandchildren in July and we did get a short ride in. I did get out for a short ride with some club members who kindly slowed the pace for me on my touring bike. But involvement was unfortunately short-lived…. So in August I decided to get a bike with Look Clipless pedals. Unfortunately I didn’t give myself enough time to get used to clipping in and out oops…. So I am currently still recovering from the dislocated shoulder but making steady progress. My left-hand grip strength is currently back to about 25%. My intent is to get the bike ready for spring and put on some flat pedals with simple toe clips. I will be slower, but I intend to get back out there. In the distant past my cycling was mainly for commuting. I lived in South Bristol and cycled daily to North Bristol/ Filton for work. I had a close run in on a couple of occasions with the City Buses. There was one incident where I decided not to go for a gap in the traffic entering the St James Barton roundabout, but the City Dart driver didn’t see me and run over my back wheel as I jumped out the way. I ended up uninjured but dragging my battered bike home. There were no cycle lanes back then. Anyway no more City commuting, but I am looking forward to seeing more of Scotland on my bike!


James Age 53

I have been cycling for a few years now, I have done a few pedal for Scotland rides with my son Jamie. So what is my reason for joining the ACC. Well, I feel that I need to take the next step in cycling as I have covered a lot of miles myself, but never in group ride as I do not know what the rules are so improving my riding within a group setting will help me no-end, Airdrie Cycling Club was mentioned to me on a number of occasions to look at joining so I decided to take the plunge so to speak, Since joining I have been made welcome by the group. And that says a lot for this group. as they make newcomer’s to the club easy and so welcoming.

So, I am looking forward to riding my 1st 100 miles with my new club members as I have only done just over 40 miles on my own. I feel I need that if I do this with the guys that’ll give me the extra push to keep me going when I’m running out of steam. I’m looking for to the friendship and meeting like minded people that like the same hobbies as me. My wife said I always pick the hobbies that cost lots of money lol well I do like my ham radios and love my new bike. Roll on April and by that time I should have my 2nd bike.


Tyrone Marwick, age 44

I have been cycling on and off from the age of 12 in Cape town South Africa, as a child I started of cycling a BMX bike, this was the in bike for a kid of that age, but I quickly decided that I wanted to ride MTB and road bikes, in Cape Town my main event I liked to ride in was Cape Town Argus cycle tour.

Cape Town Cape Argus Cycle Tour

Cape Town Argus cycle tour, this is a big event with a carnival feel to it, my family and I immigrated to Scotland a couple years ago unfortunately I haven’t managed to get much cycling done since arriving in Scotland but I’m hopeful that this will change, I decided to join ACC in the hope to getting myself back on the hopeful roads regularly whilst getting to know all the vast cycling routes around Scotland, I’m looking forward to train with ACC and getting to know all the club members

Hi I am Geo,

I am sure I won’t be alone in saying lockdowns shook our usual routines up.  As I have trained my entire adult life in gyms lifting weights I had to find a new way to exercise while the gyms were closed.  In late summer 2020 a friend of mine offered to lend me one of his bikes, as he is a multi time ironman finisher and I being only a weight training bodybuilder (low intensity cardio only if ever).  I couldn’t even get around a 4 mile loop without my heart rate going through the roof.  So an ironman lends a bike to a bodybuilder and the adventure began.


In Sept I bought a smart turbo trainer and stuck to it when the weather was shocking  and built my base fitness to a level where I could do 25-30 mile ride with climbs with the ironman crew in the pouring rain, driving wind, freezing conditions. In Jan 2021 I completed 200km miles on the turbo with my friend Joe doing the same on his trainer together with Mark Beaumont for Doddie aid raising money for his charity. Now not a lot is appealing about 130 miles in doors for 6 hours 30 minutes on a turbo but the day flew in with great guests on zoom. A few bagels with Nutella helped a treat and loads of chamois cream.  As my fitness came on leaps and bounds through perseverance and disciplined training my confidence on the bike grew to tackle bigger and better challenges. 


Since then I have been on club runs with the Johnstone Wheelers doing my first outside 100 miler around loch Tarzan, Dunoon, Rest and be Thankful. Which was great fun, and gave me an idea of what club runs where like.  When my mate Greg asked about which road bike he should get and he turned out to be a complete natural on a bike we spoke about joining a local club, he knew Gary and the rest fell into place.  Since joining I have had the pleasure of meeting great club guys, great new roads, some very reasonable patter.  Adventures up and over the crow road, down to apple pie and great training loops.


Chasing “big ring only” Steve down or chewing the fat with the boys about oval chainrings or has a “bloody tank bombed this road surface” it has been great fun joining the club. Sorry to poor Ross who ends up fixing bikes road side with genuine solutions of business cards and Steve’s Patches to repair a side wall to get me home! Great group from all different levels but works really well in a bunch as regardless of your experience or fitness level etc we all share the same thing “the love of being out on your bike” all just big kids at heart.

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